Plant-Applied Custom Coatings

L.B. Foster Ball Winch has developed proprietary equipment that provides the accuracy and efficiency needed to exceed customer expectations.

Our Willis, Texas coating plant can apply protective coatings on our automated lines from 3/8″ with the capability of designing equipment to fit your largest pipe diameter.

Coating Lines

Induction Lines:
FBE, FBE + ARO: 2” – 74”

3 Layer Polyethylene: 2″-48″

FBE, FBE + ARO: 3/8″ – 1.5″

Internal Coating Line:
FBE – SRL: 2″-6″ DRL: 8″- 54″

Oven Line:
Internal FBE, External FBE, FBE+ARO, and 3LPE (fittings and spools)

Liquid Epoxies:
Line Pipe and Fittings: 2″ – 54″


Fabricated Products Equipment

automated pipe coating
proprietary induction heating units
gas fired ovens
pipe rotating stations
internal pipe blasting and coating
powder spray booth
plural component liquid spray equipment 100HP air compressors and drying equipment heavy duty forklifts
10 ton overhead crane
(Our pipe handling equipment has a lift capacity up to 30,000 lbs.)

Line Pipe Equipment

automated PLC controlled systems
automated SRL
small bore FBE application
high production capacity / custom coating quality inline blast cleaning
inline holiday detection
padded conveyors and racks
AC variable frequency drive controls
hydraulic kick and lower in arms / skew